Why is it Important to have a business Mentor

 Why is it Important to have a mentor In business??

Let first all begin by explaining who is business Mentor. They are business experts who have experience in the business you are venturing into to give you guidance on how you can operate and also prepare you ahead for the challenges that may arise in the business. They help you in achieving your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Always remember business mentors don’t coach they are only known for mentorship. Getting Mentoring in your business guide you on how you can improve your business performance
and also help you in learning skills and strategies you can use to develop your business to be sustainable. Sometimes certain challenges business owners faced some overcome while some were run down by the challenges, But if the business owner has already been in business mentorship class, he or she would have been prepared ahead of the challenge and even given the step on how to overcome it. But unfortunately, many business owners fail to see the importance of mentors for their business growth and sustainability. Don’t 
be amazed that even those public figures successful businessmen and women have mentors that guide them The founder of Facebook.com Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs and the founder of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin were mentored by Eric Schmidt, So why are you still Insinuating on getting a mentor for your business or are you so confident in following your instincts in guiding your business?? While your Instinct may be giving you a great business idea but there will still be a time you won’t know exactly
how to handle some business challenges which can affect your business growth and its sustainability. Let them explore the reason why you need a mentor in your business

Why is it Important to have a mentor In business??

They Impact Knowledge

 They are set and category of people or experts that have already been running the business, they’ve faced many business challenges and know how they manage through it and still keep their business growing. We impact their experience to you as knowledge, they have already experienced the knowledge you are looking for to gain,

 Receive Adequate Advice

 Business mentors are always there as your solution to all your worries and question about your business to give you advice. As a business owner, there is certainly to be one question or the other that has been disturbing you of you need to answer too. a mentor would give your answers to it as well as give you advice that we solve the challenge you facing in your business.

   Reduce Risk and Prevent Loss
We guide you in preventing loss in your business by giving proven strategies to follow only and reducing your chance of business loss.

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