Why is customer Satisfaction Important

Why is Customer Satisfaction Important?

Customer Experience for your business matters, Are they happy with the products and services they are getting from your brand, if you can not figure that out start working towards how you we figure the answer out and if the answer turns out to be no then you need to take action to improve your products and services expectation to your customer view. That is why you need to measure your customer satisfaction metrics so that you could be able figure out where your brand products and services are meeting customers’ needs and want and figure out where its also struggling in fulfilling your customer’s expectations.

Why is Customer Satisfaction Important? Do you know that before a new customer purchases a goods or service they always search out to find recommendation about the brand products or service, they need review about it before they now decided to purchase your brand products or services, But who are the one to give the recommendation and review about you is it that existing customer that was satisfied with your products and services or the unsatisfied customer and waiting to see whether the new customer will patronize with the unsatisfied customer review and recommendation about you? The higher you satisfied your customers the
higher your brand will be promoted which will lead to more sales and get make more profit. One last negative review can ruin your chances of your brand getting new sales.

Why is Customer Satisfaction Important?

It’s lead to customer repurchase

We always come back to buy it because of the value they see in it. So when your customer purchases anything from you always ask them about their rate of satisfaction about it so that will give you hints ahead that they we give positive recommendation about you and come back in future to purchase again. You can use the scale of 1-10 as a rating scale so if they rate it from 7 and above it means the customer was very satisfied, but on a scale of 6 to below 4 you should the customer was fair satisfied and it requires you to figure out why the such category of customers have a complaint about it, hear them out and work toward fixing it.
with a report over 60-70 percent probability of your satisfied customer we decide on buying from you next time they need your products or services

It Rates your brand over competitors

If your customer is satisfied with your brand they welcome a marketing agent for you for free, They will bring their friends, family, and colleague to patronize your brand and give you new sales, This will even reduce your marketing cost. We give free public recommendations about you to people whereby promoting your brand awareness. They will rate you on all your social and digital marketing platforms they we give review comments and rate your star online and before you know it you will be ahead of your competitors and even attract your competitor customers to become your new customers as well. as per statistic report over  33 percent of unsatisfied customers decide to switch to another brand that can meet their expectations and meet their needs.  

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